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Performance Results

The key to gaining investors trust is our 100% transparency in providing you access to our performance results that you can monitor 24/7.

As a potential investor you can evaluate exactly what is happening and how the Tirthas strategies perform by viewing the performance of our master account.

The trading team here at Tirthas include institutional traders and industry experts with over 50 years worth of combined experience. Millions have been invested into the Tirthas trading strategies over the years and we have connected hundreds of investors to the trading strategies we have available.

We focus on ensuring the strategies we make available to investors achieve our mission which is ‘to develop trading strategies that are capable of greater returns for investors’.

Each strategy offers something slightly different for investors in terms of the potential projected monthly performance as we aim to maximise profits for investors. Currently we have 2 strategies available for retail investors called  X3 and X5. If you are an institutional investor click here to find out more about how we can work with you.

Click on the images below to view the performance of each Tirthas strategy.



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Smart investors take note. Tirthas have achieved returns of over 70% per annum for investors.

Being 100% transparent is why hundreds of investors have chosen to access the managed trading service.

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