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Fee Structure

You do not pay any fees to join or exit this investment.

Here at Tirthas we charge you a monthly performance fee of 30% of any profits achieved meaning you keep the remaining 70%.

The only other fee is a commission fee charged by the broker of 6.5 Euro per lot per side on Forex and CFD Metals

How are profits calculated?

All profits are calculated using something known as the HIGH WATERMARK Approach (HWA)

This is an industry standard approach to the calculation of incentive fees (performance fees). It means that incentive fees are paid only on NET new rises in asset value. If a temporary decline occurs, it must be recouped before new incentive fees are paid. This ensures that we only receive a performance fee only if the account value exceeds its previous high.


Let say you start with £20,000 in an account with a performance fee of 30%, and during the month there is £1800 gross profit.

The performance fee deducted would be 30% of £1,800, which is £540.

So your net profit would be $1260 and your account would now have a high watermark of £21,260.

If in the next month there was a loss of £500, there would be no performance fee deducted, since there is no profit, and your new balance would be £20,760.

Your high watermark is still £21,260. So there will be no performance fee deductions until you get past that value.

The graph below demonstrates the HIGH WATERMARK METHOD. As you can see we would not receive any future payments from you while your account is below the current watermark.

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