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X5 Results

Check out the performance of the X5 portfolio below.

To access X5 the minimum deposit is £5,000.

Tirthas investment philosophy is founded on the belief that successful investing hinges on many factors but most importantly a solid wealth management product should be transparent.

Tirthas – X5 investment strategy uses a complex and sophisticated combination of complimentary automated trading systems (robots). The synergy of various trading systems can produce less volatile performance than any single trading system. The final product is a versatile and robust investment solution
that can generate returns through a range of market cycles and conditions.


Tirthas can provide you with verification reports and trading reports of the current performance statistics on the X5 strategy.

This includes:

  • A verification report of how the strategy is performing.
  • A historical report that details all trades executed on the strategy to verify its performance.
  • The results published are based on net performance. Net performance is defined as after performance fee deductions.

To request a copy of the latest verification reports and trading reports please enter your details below.

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Smart investors take note. Tirthas have achieved returns of over 70% per annum for investors.

Being 100% transparent is why hundreds of investors have chosen to access the managed trading service.

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