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X5 Results

Check out the performance of the X5 portfolio below.

To access X5 the minimum deposit is £5,000.

Tirthas X5 is a fully automated strategy that follows the market developments 24 hours per day. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology implemented on the Tirthas X5 strategy allows investors to avoid losses in overnight while benefitting from positions maintained during the market’s close. Tirthas X5 is suitable for investors with a medium to long investment horizon and a low starting investment budget. Markets: The philosophy of the strategy is based on a “trend following” approach on currency pairs and equity index futures. The system is able to analyse the optimal characteristics of each cross and identifies which of the currency pairs could generate positive results. That’s how the Tirthas X5 strategy takes advantage of long, medium or short-term moves in various markets.

Strategy: It differentiates from competition by effectively managing risks, using detailed statistical analysis and cutting-edge AI technology to execute the most beneficial trades. Objective: The strategic objective is to achieve positive returns despite the price fluctuations of the underlying assets. This is secured by using a wide range of trading techniques employed by a state-of-the-art AI system prepared by the experienced Quantic Asset Management Team.


Tirthas can provide you with verification reports and trading reports of the current performance statistics on the X5 strategy.

This includes:

  • A verification report of how the strategy is performing.
  • A historical report that details all trades executed on the strategy to verify its performance.
  • The results published are based on net performance. Net performance is defined as after performance fee deductions.

To request a copy of the latest verification reports and trading reports please enter your details below.

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