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X3 Results

Check out the performance of the X3 portfolio below.

To access X3 the minimum deposit is £5,000

Tirthas X3 is an investment strategy which seeks to bring positive returns despite of the market fluctuations. A wide array of investment techniques is used in order to achieve investors’ goals, making Tirthas X3 significantly differ from traditional investment vehicles. Tirthas X3 is based on trading various financial instruments, ranging between currencies and equity index futures in order to achieve diversification between asset classes, thus reducing the overall risk of the investment portfolio. Markets: Tirthas X3 investment portfolio consists of currency pairs and equity index futures. The philosophy of the Tirthas X3 strategy is to take advantage of the fluctuating prices of the underlying assets by making use of short and long positions. Strategy: The strategy employs a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) system based on quantitative algorithms that create trading signals which are continuously monitored by the Quantic Asset Management team. For each open position there is always a fixed stop- loss and take profit level set, calculated according to the volatility of the market. Objective: The objective is to deliver robust returns without using a benchmark as a performance target. This is achieved by utilizing a no correlation approach to traditional markets.



Tirthas can provide you with verification reports and trading reports of the current performance statistics on the X3 strategy.

This includes:

  • A verification report of how the strategy is performing.
  • A historical report that details all trades executed on the strategy to verify its performance.
  • The results published are based on net performance. Net performance is defined as after performance fee deductions.

To request a copy of the latest verification reports and trading reports please enter your details below.

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